Monday, January 21, 2008

More printed Materials to come

No matter what I do I just struggle with the right Organization tactic. As I still continue to spring clean I have found a box of material I printed that are duplicates. I will post them as soon as I can get them organized....time that's all I need is time........

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Literature Through the Language Arts

Looking for a new home.................

EMC Masterpiece Series

Grade 6

Discovering Literature - RedWall Level


Annotate Teacher's Edition ISBN: 0-8219-2629-2
ATE with Lesson Plans on CD ISBN 0-8219-2021-9
Speaking and Listening Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2027-8
Study and Research Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2028-6
Assessment Resource ISBN 0-8219-2031-6
Word Study ISBN 0-8219-2489-3
Spanish Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2247-5
Vocabulary Resource ISBN:0-8219-2030-8
Program Manager ISBN: 0-8219-2023-5
Applied English Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2029-4
Assessment Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2031-6
Reading Resource ISBN: 0-8219-2024-3
Langauge, Grammar and Style Resource ISBN:0-8219-2026
Lesson Plans ISBN: 0-8219-2640-3
Reading Strategies Resource ISBN 0-8219-2641-1
Units 1-12 Resources

$99 + Shipping